Cultural activities

October 2016 – June 2017

Interdisciplinary dialogs on the Science of Spirituality

Scientific Committee:

Enrico Facco, Daniela Lucangeli, Giorgio Pasqualotto, Ines Testoni, Patrizio Tressoldi, Università di Padova

Franco Fabbro, Università di Udine

Place: Aula I. Nievo, palazzo del Bò, Università di Padova – Padova

Hours: 16-18;  Free entrance

Date Argument Speaker
12 October 2016 Science and Spirituality or Science of Spirituality? Enrico Facco
The answers of Science of Spirituality to the existential questions: Who are we?; Where we came from?; Where are we going? Enrico Facco
Eternalism and logic foundations of spiritual experiences Ines Testoni
16 November 2016 “Is there life after death? And before our birth?” Direct witnesses with a critical discussion between Edoardo Cariglia and Enrico Facco
14 Dicember 2016 Experiencing the Divine: the Christic path padre Guidalberto Bormolini
11 Jabuary 2017 Wisdom and Salvation: the oriental paths Giangiorgio Pasqualotto


8 February 2017 Experiencing the Divine: the Hebrew path Matteo Bianchi


15 March 2017 Experiencing the Divine: the Islamic path Jamaluddin Ballabio
12 April 2017 Spirituality and health


Franco Fabbro, Enrico Facco and Carmelo Miola
10 May 2017 Spirituality and economy prof. Benedetto Gui
7 June 2017 Physics and Spirituality Federico Carminati


14 June 2017 Round table: “It is time for a Science of Spirituality” Scientific Committe